INPLAS VIETNAM, Vietnamese company speacializes in Plastic Contract Manufacturing

 Our customers turn to us for more than just our injection molding experience. Our extensive assembly and secondary processes using Inplas  Contract Manufacturing capabilities set us apart from component molders, making us the logical choice from concept to market – or any stage in between.

INPLAS VIETNAM provides our customers with the unique opportunity to take advantage of a true, single-source provider for their products. When we say that we’re your partner from concept to market, we mean all the way through product development, assembly, packaging, and fulfillment. This means a better value for our customers to work with someone who truly understands their product from beginning to end.

The world’s market-leading companies turn to INPLAS VIETNAM as a natural extension of their own production capabilities to injection mold and assemble their products. In addition to our precision plastic injection molding and tooling expertise, we support a full range of secondary processes including automated and manual assembly, testing, decoration, packaging, and shipping services in VIETNAM with lower cost alternatives in China.


28/06/2019 | 14:34
 Inplas jsc是越南一家高度专业的合同制造和塑料注塑公司。我们专注于合同制造复杂,高精度注塑元件和组件。

09/10/2018 | 07:37
 INPLAS VIETNAM, Vietnamese company speacializes in Plastic Contract Manufacturing

Doanh Nghiệp Hàn quốc
  Inplas Việt nam is reliable company fully understanding new technology, with modern plastic injection molding machines. Inplas SJC has high quality plant to fullfill our Manufacturing Contract.  

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