We produce technical plastic parts, any kinds of plastic products with our Japanese Machines
Optical coating by PVD technology.

13/03/2019 | 02:08
 Vietnam’s plastics industry is demonstrating rapid growth and is poised to reap the rewards of opportunities disguised as challenges, such as Brexit and TPP, says Angelica ...

20/07/2018 | 02:25
 Vietnam plastic industry is still a new sector compared to others such as mechanical, chemical or textile industry, but it has grown rapidly in recent years ...

07/09/2017 | 03:51
 When you think of plastic, what springs to mind? Cheap toys from China? Packaging? Or maybe a plastic bag? Of course you would. But how about ...

06/09/2017 | 07:26
 Tìm hiểu các loại nhựa đang được sử dụng

10/07/2017 | 03:49
 Tương lai không xa các nhà khoa học vật lý đại học Queen và đại học Công nghệ Nhật bản sẽ cho ra đời một vật ...

Doanh Nghiệp Hàn quốc
  Inplas Việt nam is reliable company fully understanding new technology, with modern plastic injection molding machines. Inplas SJC has high quality plant to fullfill our Manufacturing Contract.  

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